Elemental Wisdom

Learn the Five Elements of Feng Shui

So, you've read a book or perused a blog post and are ready to make some Feng Shui adjustments. Are you feeling overwhelmed and confused when it comes to understanding the five elements of Feng Shui?

In this course you'll learn the basics of the ancient practice of Feng Shui and how to use eadily implement the Five Elements into your home

In this mini course you will:

- Learn the basics of Feng Shui and how to apply it to your home

- Understand the five elements and how to use them to create balance and harmony

- Discover how to use Feng Shui to create a positive energy flow in your home

This mini course is designed for you to take on your own time and at your own pace. Now is the perfect time to take action and learn the five elements of Feng Shui.

Along with the recorded course, you'll also receive our "Checklist to Introduce the Five Elements" so you'll be able to refer back anytime you need.


"I was able to get a lot of information in a little time with this class." - Bethany M.

"I didn't realize that shapes influenced your space. I liked learning about them and also the color aspect." - Megan D.


  Elemental Wisdom: Your Guide to the Five Elements in Feng Shui
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Learn to easily bring balance to your environment through this online course.

This online course is designed for anyone looking to learn the Five Elements of Feng Shui and how to use them to create a peaceful and harmonious home.